Our Work

Ami's work is many and varied as it responds to individual need. No two persons needs are the same so we have to adapt and be flexible. Some require basic monetary gifts to supplement their income on a weekly basis, whereas some require actual food aid if they have mobility issues for example. Others need job search help, and we may negotiate with their employer beneficial terms, or monetary stipends. Others need help in financial management, and we see to this too. Others simply require nutritional advice and help, which is also in our remit.


We want to help as many people as we can but at the same time want the help to be meaningful. Depending on the level of need we may suggest other forms of help, or may refer them to other organisations who are better placed to help.


We prefer to assist people in helping themselves to ensure sustained improvement and personal dignity.


Our investigations of an individuals or a family's need is determined by contact with a public servant to the community, be it a Rabbi or other community leader, and will not involve numerous contacts with friends and family. Our beneficiaries know from the outset that we can be trusted to safeguard their privacy.


As a donor you will never know the names of the people that you are helping, and as a beneficiary you will never find out the source of your funds. In this way, as a beneficiary you can be assured of total anonymity, and as a donor you can be confident that your hard earned money is performing the best act of charity.


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