About Us

Ami Community Aid Ltd is involved in assisting needy Jewish families and individuals throughout Manchester regardless of their level of observance.


Founded in February 2014, AMI achieved limited company status in October under company number 9290485. In March 2015 AMI achieved full Charitable status under the registration number 1161112. All donations can therefore be considered for Gift Aid.


It’s never easy of course to be in receipt of charity, but especially so, amongst a close knit Jewish community, where everybody is, or appears to be, ‘managing’.


Our charity operations are done without publicity, ensuring confidentiality, and preservation of dignity, for those on the receiving end, and all contact is made in the strictest confidence.


The people we help, range from those who may have just lost their job, to people who are disabled and can not work, who find their current financial help inadequate.


Families and individuals are also our beneficiaries, and we make a special exception where children are involved.


Our Trustees:


Mr Charles Englard

Mr Kenneth Kaufman

Mr Isaac Mandel


Our Correspondence address:


73 Bishops Road, Manchester M25 0AS

admin@amicommunityaid.co.uk | 0161 353 1020


Our Bankers:


Barclays Plc 20-54-58


Ami Community Aid 33395510